When it comes to race car transportation, having the right trailer is only half the battle. The accessories you choose for your race car trailer can make a world of difference in terms of safety, convenience, and overall experience. Whether you’re a seasoned racer or just starting out, investing in high-quality race car trailer accessories is essential. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the must-have accessories that will optimize your race car transport and ensure you’re always ready for the track.

Essential Accessories

1. Trailer Hitch

A sturdy and reliable trailer hitch is the foundation of any race car trailer setup. It’s important to choose a hitch that can handle the weight of your race car and trailer, as well as provide smooth and stable towing. Look for hitches with high weight capacities, multiple attachment points, and anti-sway mechanisms for added safety.

2. Wheel Chocks

Wheel chocks are a must-have accessory for securing your race car during transport. These simple devices prevent the wheels from rolling and keep your vehicle in place while you load, unload, or travel with it. When choosing wheel chocks, opt for durable materials such as rubber or steel and make sure they are compatible with your trailer’s tire size.

3. Tie Downs

Properly securing your race car is crucial for safe transportation, and tie downs are the best way to do so. These straps or chains attach your vehicle to the trailer’s anchor points, preventing it from shifting during travel. Invest in high-quality tie downs that can withstand heavy loads and have easy-to-use mechanisms for quick and secure attachment.

4. Floor Jacks

Flat tires or other mechanical issues can happen at any time, especially when traveling long distances with your race car. That’s where floor jacks come in handy. These portable hydraulic lifts allow you to change a tire or perform minor repairs on the spot, without needing to unload your race car from the trailer. Look for lightweight but sturdy jacks that can support your vehicle’s weight and have a large lifting capacity.

5. Trailer Lights

Proper lighting on your race car trailer is not only essential for safety but also a legal requirement in most states. Make sure all lights, including turn signals, brake lights, and reflectors, are in good working condition before hitting the road. Consider investing in LED lights for improved visibility, longer lifespan, and lower energy consumption.

Why Invest in Race Car Trailer Accessories?

Transporting a race car isn’t as simple as towing it from one location to another. It involves ensuring the car is securely fastened, maintaining optimal conditions inside the trailer, and having tools and equipment readily available. Proper accessories help in:

  • Enhanced Safety: Prevent potential damage and accidents during transit.
  • Improved Organization: Keep tools and parts neatly organized and easily accessible.
  • Convenience: Make loading, unloading, and maintenance tasks easier and faster.
  • Efficiency: Maximize space and make the most of your trailer’s capacity.

Must-Have Race Car Trailer Accessories

1. Tie-Down Straps and Anchors

Ensuring your race car is securely fastened inside the trailer is paramount. High-quality tie-down straps paired with durable anchors provide the stability needed to keep your car in place during transit.

  • Types of Tie-Down Straps: Ratchet straps, cam buckle straps, and axle straps.
  • Anchor Points: E-track systems and D-ring anchors are popular choices.

2. Trailer Ramps

Loading and unloading your race car can be a daunting task without the right ramps. Choose ramps that are sturdy, lightweight, and easy to store within the trailer.

  • Material Options: Aluminum ramps are strong yet lightweight, while steel ramps offer maximum durability.
  • Traction: Look for ramps with textured surfaces to prevent slipping.

3. Interior Lighting

Good lighting inside your trailer is crucial for performing inspections and maintenance tasks, especially in low-light conditions.

  • LED Lights: Energy-efficient and long-lasting, LED lights are ideal for illuminating the interior of your trailer.
  • Portable Work Lights: These can be moved around as needed, providing flexibility in lighting.

4. Storage Solutions

Keeping your tools and parts organized will save you time and hassle. Consider investing in:

  • Toolboxes: Mounted or portable toolboxes to store essential tools.
  • Shelving Units: Adjustable shelves can accommodate various items and keep the trailer organized.
  • Cabinets: Lockable cabinets for storing valuable equipment securely.

5. Spare Tire and Mount

Flat tires can occur at any time, so it’s essential to have a spare tire readily available, along with the necessary tools to change it.

  • Spare Tire Mount: Ensure the mount is sturdy and easily accessible.
  • Tire Changing Kit: Include a jack, lug wrench, and other necessary tools.

6. Tire Racks

Tires are a critical component in racing, and having extra sets on hand is often necessary. Tire racks provide a secure way to store and transport these additional sets.

  • Adjustable Racks: These can accommodate different tire sizes and quantities.
  • Wall-Mounted Racks: Save floor space by mounting tire racks on the trailer walls.

7. Fuel Storage Solutions

Transporting fuel safely requires specialized containers and storage solutions.

  • Fuel Jugs: Choose jugs that are leak-proof and compliant with regulations.
  • Fuel Jug Racks: Securely store fuel jugs within the trailer to prevent spills and movement.

8. Winches

A winch can be a lifesaver when it comes to loading a non-operational race car onto the trailer.

  • Electric Winches: Offer powerful, easy-to-use options with remote control capabilities.
  • Manual Winches: A cost-effective alternative for occasional use.

9. Awning and Canopy

Providing shade and protection from the elements, an awning or canopy can make working on your car at the track more comfortable.

  • Retractable Awnings: Easily deployable and retractable for convenience.
  • Portable Canopies: Quick to set up and take down, providing flexible coverage.

10. Trailer Security Devices

Protecting your investment from theft is crucial. Invest in security devices such as:

  • Wheel Locks: Prevent your trailer from being moved without your permission.
  • Hitch Locks: Secure your trailer to the tow vehicle effectively.
  • Alarm Systems: Modern alarms can alert you to any unauthorized access attempts.


Investing in the right race car trailer accessories is not just about convenience; it’s about ensuring the safety, security, and efficiency of your race car transport. From tie-down straps to security devices, the accessories you choose can significantly impact your racing experience.

Ready to take your race car transportation to the next level? Ensure you’re equipped with the best accessories to enhance your performance on and off the track.

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Q: What are the most essential accessories for a race car trailer?

A: The most essential accessories include tie-down straps and anchors, trailer ramps, interior lighting, storage solutions, spare tire and mount, tire racks, fuel storage solutions, winches, awning and canopy, and trailer security devices. These accessories ensure your race car is secure, organized, and ready for any scenario.

Q: How do I choose the right tie-down straps for my race car?

A: When choosing tie-down straps, consider the type of strap – ratchet straps, cam buckle straps, or axle straps – as well as the strength and durability. Ensure that the straps are rated for the weight of your race car and compatible with your trailer’s anchor points.

Q: What type of interior lighting is best for a race car trailer?

A: LED lights are highly recommended due to their energy efficiency, long lifespan, and bright illumination. Portable work lights are also useful as they can be moved around as needed, offering flexibility in lighting.

Q: Why is it important to have a spare tire and mount?

A: Having a spare tire and mount is crucial because flat tires can happen unexpectedly. A sturdy and easily accessible spare tire mount, along with a tire-changing kit, ensures you are prepared to handle a flat tire situation efficiently without significant delays.

Q: How can I maximize space in my race car trailer?

A: To maximize space, use adjustable shelving units, mounted or portable toolboxes, lockable cabinets, and wall-mounted tire racks. These storage solutions help keep tools and parts organized and the trailer’s floor space free for the race car and other large items.

Q: What are the benefits of using a winch in my race car trailer?

A: A winch is beneficial for loading a non-operational race car onto the trailer. Electric winches provide powerful, easy-to-use options with remote control capabilities, whereas manual winches are a cost-effective alternative for occasional use.

Q: How can I enhance the security of my race car trailer?

A: Enhance security by using wheel locks, hitch locks, and alarm systems. Wheel locks prevent unauthorized movement of the trailer, hitch locks secure the trailer to the tow vehicle, and modern alarm systems alert you to any attempts of unauthorized access.

Q: What should I consider when choosing a fuel storage solution?

A: When choosing a fuel storage solution, ensure the fuel jugs are leak-proof and compliant with regulations. Use fuel jug racks to securely store the jugs within the trailer, preventing spills and movement during transit.

Q: Are there any accessories that can protect me from the elements while working on my race car?

A: Yes, retractable awnings and portable canopies provide shade and protection from the elements, making it more comfortable to work on your race car at the track.

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